Member Services

Outpatient Care | Hospital Inpatient Care

For Out Patient service, get care from a healthcare provider such as a nurse, doctor or specialist – including appointments, exams, and treatment. If you have to go to a hospital, you can get the services you need, including x-rays and lab tests.

Maternity and Newborn | Pediatric Services

Regular maternity care appointments, newborn screenings, immunizations, and more are covered. For Pediatric Services, your child can get regular check-ups, dental care, vision care and immunizations.

Pharmacy | Laboratory Services

 Lab tests are covered and get prescriptions that are covered by our plan.

Preventive, Health and Wellness | Rehabilitative & Habilitative Care

Care you need to stay healthy, such as physical exams, counseling, screening, vaccines and chronic disease management. Services and devices to help you recover from an injury, disability or chronic condition.  Examples include physical and occupational therapy.

Emergency Care

If you need to make an emergency room visit, you can get emergency services, along with support services. 

Mental Health

 Get comprehensive mental health care including behavioral health treatment, counseling and substance use disorder services.