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Take advantage of the wealth of information and services offered in our health & wellness area. 

Capital City Health Plan recognizes that preventive services are the key to wellness. Our health and wellness promotion outreach staff offer individualized, phone-based member education. All calls are tailored to meet the needs of individuals and employer groups by focusing on services such as diabetes testing, spirometry testing, management of low back pain, monitoring of long-term medications, and general preventive services.We provide a broad spectrum of wellness-related services such as:  

  • “Freedom from Smoking” tobacco cessation classes
  • Weight management and nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian
  • An asthma management program led by a registered nurse with a background in pulmonary medicine
  • Information  and resources in our disease management area concerning asthma, COPD and diabetes

At Capital City Health Plan, our benefits and programs encourage people to stay healthy by seeking routine preventive care with their primary care physician (PCP), as well as medical treatment at the onset of illness. We focus on wellness programs to promote healthy lifestyles and minimize health problems, thus enhancing the quality of life of our enrollees. To request more information about any of our programs, please fill out our Request for More Information Form today. 

Members can access their accounts to take a health risk assessment (HRA), receive a personalized HealthMap, developed and focused on setting you on the path to better health, or use one of the many Journeys®, an innovative digital coaching tool to help form healthy and lasting habits. By choosing your topics of interest and taking one small step at a time, you can gain a healthier lifestyle. Login today!. 

Health Calculators, Screenings & Quizzes

Don’t forget to check out our list of links to popular health calculators for body mass index, healthy weight and waist-to-hip ratio, online screenings for breast cancer, depression and child immunizations Check them out now! 

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